$13 grassfed pastrami
pickled cucumber, mustard

$10 house cured bacon

palisade peach, corn and pepper mayo, lettuce

$10 chicken salad

olive oil poached chicken, herb mayo, lettuce, tomato

$9 smoked beets (vg)
lemon garlic tahini, cucumber



$5 romesco potato salad (vg,gf)
baby yukon, roasted red pepper, almond, tahini

$5 stuffed eggplant (vg,gf)
tahini, almond, pickled apricot

$5 fennel slaw (vg,gf)
fennel, cabbage, sour cherry, sunflower seed



sandwiches can be made as a plate or salad as a gluten free option

sides and salads can be made vegan

our menu changes regularly depending on availability from local farms